Crafting a living future for all

Mizzi Studio is a multidisciplinary practice specialising in nature inspired design dedicated to mapping out an exciting, resilient, sustainable future.




We fuse tradition with technology and physical craft to create spaces, buildings, transport and infrastructure that bring warmth, colour, joy and hope to the world, uplifting the spirit whilst living in harmony with nature.

Inspired by nature

Driven by technology

Delivered through craft

Building in harmony with nature

Alf Mizzi Offices


Marsa, Malta

The Horseshoe Kiosk, The Royal Parks


St.James's Park

The Basket House


Kentish Town, London, UK

All projects

Whether it be for respite, care, mobility or education, we look to inspire people to live environmentally socially responsible lives with a determined and positive spirit, fulfilling our time on earth with meaning and leaving it in a better place for the collective progress and prosperity of humanity and planet earth.

Inspired by the magic of nature

BBC Interview: Kew Gardens Family Kitchen

Jonathan Mizzi, founder of Mizzi Studios, speaks to BBC London about their design and how nature inspires their work.

Designing humanity out of a climate crisis

TEDx - University of Malta

Jonathan Mizzi, founder of Mizzi Studios, talks about humanity’s greatest challenge: the climate crisis, and how we can design our way out of it.

Building a resilient future

Committed to tackling UN’s SDGs

Thinking through nature's symbiotic solutions

The Living Bridge

The Mawlynnong living root bridge in India. Photograph by Amos Chapple