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About Mizzi Studio

Our goal is to make the physical world a better place. We seek out projects which have a positive social and cultural impact, add tangible value, and make our public realm a more beautiful place to live in.

Since launching in 2011, Mizzi Studio has grown into a fully-fledged team with offices in London and Malta, a diverse portfolio of clients, and award-winning projects ranging from architecture to industrial design, lighting, interactive design and commercial artworks. Being recently named FX International Breakthrough Talent 2017, our work has been recognised for bringing sculptural and engaging architecture to life in industry sectors such as retail, hospitality, office, and food and beverage. Ongoing research is a central driver in our studio, allowing us to reject cynicism on all counts and sustain our philosophy that “nothing is impossible”. We are captivated with the notion of producing progressive and beautiful design. Each project has its own life, inspirations and aspirations, and much of our signature work involves an element of futuristic, organic-inspired and kinetic-interactive design; accentuated by technology and luminosity to create experiential and inventive results. 

In six short years we’ve successfully converted clients’ dreams into three-dimensional reality, pushed boundaries in technology and craft, and offered provocative statements to the existing design landscape. Our goal is to continue to surprise and delight, whilst keeping thoughtfulness and rigour at the heart of our work. At Mizzi Studio we value teamwork over hierarchy. We function as a unified, close-knit team – each playing off one another’s strengths and offering ourselves up as critical sounding boards for every design challenge we face. We each share the same bold imagination and sense of fun – a collective character trait that shines through our built portfolio. 


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