Trinity Holistic Health Club

Pembroke, Malta

Mizzi Studio’s proposal for Trinity Gym & Spa builds on four key drivers: nature, body, health, and technology. Inspired by movement, the commission included designs for a gym, fitness studios, a holistic spa, and treatment rooms. The vortex spa was designed to create an encompassing experience, defined by its immersive sculptural walls lined in emerald green tiles that draw users into the warmth of the sauna and steam rooms.

The material palette chosen was carefully curated to exude a tactile experience. Earthy terrazzo surfaces and brass accents work together to create diverse sensorial environments for visitors, aiming to bring back full awareness into their bodies and revitalise their mind and spirit. Our approach was to create uninterrupted flow of movement between each distinct facility. We used traditional steam-bent oak bands to stem from the reception and span across the entire perimeter of the circulation space.


Pembroke, Malta


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