Tree Canopy Line

An Adaptive Green Multi-Modal Infrastructure Solution for Malta. Mizzi Studio designed an elevated cyclist canopy line – an infrastructural, bolt-on solution that would offer cyclists and e-scooters in Malta a safe and swift passageway on arterial roads. The platform is designed with inbuilt solar technology to harvest clean energy, all whilst creating an environment that nurtures biodiversity. It is hoped that the proposal will help reduce the number of injuries and fatalities incurred by cyclists locally.

The design was presented during a TEDx talk by Jonathan Mizzi at the University of Malta. During the presentation, a comprehensive and visionary strategy for an eco-driven, future-facing Malta was revealed together with our solutions for ‘Designing Humanity out of a Climate Crisis’.

Civilization is now, globally, in the most consequential decade of humanity. What we do between 2020 and 2030 will determine the future of our species. The proposal aims to tackle the climate crisis through the reduction of cars on Maltese roads. There are approximately 420,000 cars on Malta’s road at present, resulting in half a million sqm of vehicles, all of which are parked for 96% of their lifetime.

As a studio, the team believes in architecture’s power to make positive social and environmental impact, and strives to add tangible value, improve wellbeing, making the public realm a healthier, more beautiful place, through our projects.




Concept Design


Key materials

Timber, Steel

Key services

Design, Visualisation




What we’re doing here is sheltering commuters from the elements whilst harnessing their power; the power of the sun and giving clean energy back to the grid. We’re capturing water and growing a clean, green line to clean our air, whilst also providing a home for pollinators – our bees, our insects, and our lizards. The best thing is that this can all be prefabricated off site and simply transplanted with minimal disruption to our roads in terms of works.
Jonathan Mizzi
Mizzi Studio