The Awkward Table

The Awkward Table exudes uniqueness, exclusiveness and originality. The inspiration for the series came from an unlikely source – yoga. Captivated by the perfect state of balance, strength and poise of Bikram yoga’s ‘awkward’ pose - an unnatural yet elegant tiptoed stance - Jonathan Mizzi resolved to capture this in sculptural form. Added into the formal mix is Jonathan Mizzi’s affinity with sci-fi and animation – as well as Art Deco and neo-futuristic architecture and design.

With its graceful curves and fluid form, the table appears to be suspended in motion.  The majestic curved legs are a direct, seamless extension of the table's surface and sitting at the head of the table with its legs wrapped around you is an enticingly immersive experience.  A simple sketch went through a number of 3D interactions and stages of detail sculpting. The process was aided by the production of scaled 3D prints as well as 1:1 scale prototypes in the search of the perfect balance. Much work went into creating the required stability whilst optimising the weight through the use of aluminium honeycomb and stainless steel internal structures.  

This animated “inanimate” object is available in luxurious metallic paint finishes including smoked chrome, copper and gold. Other bespoke finishes and sizes are available on request.




8-Seater: 990 x 2530 x 720cm / 4 seater: 990 x 1415 x 720cm

Key materials

Aluminium/Glass Fibre, Finish: Lacquer

Key services