Mondrian Spa

Mondrian Hotel, South Bank, London, UK

In what remains one of Mizzi Studio’s most luxuriant commissions – we were approached by Tom Dixon to realise and manufacture a central piece of sculpture for the Spa at the Mondrian Hotel, Sea Containers House on the South Bank, London. The result was a foray into suspended sculpture, and glorious gilding.

The sculpture, nicknamed the Teardrop, is a floor-to-ceiling glowing copper water droplet that descends gracefully from the ceiling into a gently rippling starlit pool, casting golden shadows on to the ceiling.  It’s an organic mass that creates tension between movement and balance by  freezing a moment in time. The Teardrop is 3m high by 1.8m at its widest with a 600mm diameter droplet.

The Teardrop was fabricated in fibreglass with a copper under-spray, installed in Mondrian’s Agua Spa, and then gilded with copper leaf. Our biggest challenge was creating a seemingly continuous form while allowing for the sculpture to fit through all the standard sized doors within the hotel leading up to the installation area. Ultimately the sculpture’s size was what most lent to its transformative presence – creating a gravitational pull at the centre of the spa’s sensuous space.


Mondrian Hotel, South Bank, London, UK




Key materials

Fibreglass, Copper Spray, Copper Leaf

Key services

Design, Construction Management



Tom Dixon/Design Research Studio