Kew Gardens Family Kitchen

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK

The sun, the seasons, and the magic of food growth, our studio designed a world of nature learning and wonder for Kew Gardens newest family eating space. With sustainability and education at its heart, the restaurant has been divided into six key learning zones: Diversity, Autumn, Science, Water, Sun and Spring. Each of these themes were developed as critical aspects of the production, processing, and preparation of healthy food. Most importantly, the design has been conceived to take families on an exciting, nature-filled journey.

It begins with the sun, the rain and clouds, and the parting seas, introducing the fundamental elements of nature involved in food growth to visitors as they enter the space. The elements are portrayed through the power and energy of the LED sun wall, Gaudi inspired blue mosaic wave seats representing the parting seas, and pendant rain cloud lighting. Next, they are led to a laboratory-inspired botanical water station for hand sanitisation, highlighting the importance of hygiene as well as putting on show the antibacterial properties of plants like lavender and rosemary. The process of germination and the magic of seeds is brought to life in a zone dedicated to spring, where lenticular panels and LED-lit push buttons animate the process of seed growth and dispersal.

In the centre of the Family Kitchen sits a tiled pizza oven draped with bright red infinity mirror periscopes that showcase fruit and vegetables. This is where children will learn all about how food is made, where ingredients come from, and how to recognise and name the different foods that make up their meals. A pizza topping station allows children to select their own ingredients, pushing knowledge around the process of food making front-and-centre in the experience of dining out.

Finally, families will enter a large deep magenta dining zone, furnished with an oversized Ens2021et tree surrounded with mirrors, illuminated foliage and colourful seating. Included in this dining zone, is a dedicated seating quiet zone in the shape of a giant apple, providing the perfect space for neurodiverse visitors to enjoy the Family Kitchen in a calm and relaxed way.

The journey’s zoning approach also follows the theme of the earth’s four seasons, with applicable colour stories and textures characterising the different sections and seating throughout the restaurant. In the autumnal section we collaborated with artist Tom Hare who has created large-scale, hand woven willow fungi sculptures, celebrating the magical world of mushrooms, their place in the ‘wood-wide-web’, and their significant role in the mycelium networks in woodlands and forests. Elsewhere, restaurant colours draw from the natural hues and tones of each season, functioning both as wayfinding and playful décor.


Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, UK




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Interior Design, Visualisation


Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


Firecracker Works, HOK, Mulroy Architects, Lumsden Design, CityAxis


James McDonald

Our goal has been to design a space that celebrates nature and learning, helping to make children and parents excited about food growth, hygiene, and preparation. Through colour, texture, and wild nature-inspired form, we have created a space that brings families closer to the roles of the elements in nature, to seasonality, and the overall journey from plant to plate. [...] Our goal is therefore to help children fall in love with nature, so that they will instinctively treasure and protect it..
Jonathan Mizzi
Mizzi Studio
“We are very excited to have opened Kew Gardens’ new food and retail venue, the Family Kitchen & Shop. Situated next to the wonderful Children’s Garden, the restaurant is an ideal space for all the family to enjoy a meal. We hope this space will bring to life a sense of adventure and curiosity and encourage families to appreciate the delicious choices which plants offer in our daily lives.”
Sandra Botterell
Director of Marketing & Commercial Enterprise
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew