First Steps Day Care Centre

Mizzi Studio's design for First Steps Day Care Centre creates a space that encourages children to engage with the surrounding landscape. The main homerooms for the children allow for different pedagogical methods and flexibility within the classroom. Through the reuse and rehabilitation of this residential building within Balzan's urban fabric, the day care proposes an atrium flooded with natural light from the architecture's stained glass windows and recreates a natural skylight complemented by a solar system mobile that hangs above, blending into the learning spaces below.

The garden plays a core role within the design and landscaping of the project. Students and parents are encourages to explore composting systems and take responsibility in growing their own produce through the integrated vertical farming system within the playground. The playground becomes another platform for learning through bridges and ramps connecting the upper level to the sunken garden. This sunken garden aids in noise mitigation from the surrounding terraced housing bringing together a playful experience for the children. The project makes use of colour, natural warm materials and greenery to bring together an experience for early years to thrive in their everyday learning environment.


Balzan, Malta




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