Dar Gwardamangia

Dar Gwardamangia breathes new life into a traditional Maltese terraced townhouse, located near the Queen's former residence in Malta. This project introduces an abundance of natural light through newly added architectural elements, such as a central skylight and a conservatory that extends into the garden. These features ensure the interiors are flooded with light, creating a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.

The garden, a central element of the design, serves as the daily retreat for the clients. They are greeted by bold, tactile terrazzo flooring and a soothing body of water. The sounds and reflections from the pool create a serene Mediterranean ambiance, enhanced by Maltese architecture, Moroccan textures, and hints of Balinese bamboo. This quaint design seamlessly blends indoor and outdoor spaces, maximizing the beauty of high ceilings and historic charm. Our studio has elevated the entire area, opening it up to let the outdoor environment shape a brighter, happier home.


Gwardamangia, Malta




Key materials

Terrazzo Stone, Marble, Timber, Bamboo and Tadelakt

Key services

Architecture, Interiors and Landscape Design