Civil Service Club

Valletta, Malta

Mizzi Studio’s proposal for the Civil Service Club takes central influence from its architectural precedent, Palazzo Verdelin. Built around the mid-17th century for Jean-Jaques de Verdelin, a French knight of the Order of St John, the palace became property of the Order following Verdelin’s death, and was subsequently used as a hostel. It was transferred to government ownership during the French occupation of Malta in 1798, and at this point, two coats of arms on its facade were defaced. The building eventually would come to house the Civil Service Sports Club.

Mizzi Studio approached this project with a desire to create a new breed of members’ club that would blur the lines between business and leisure. The studio’s proposal incorporated the design of co-working spaces, restaurants, a games room, private libraries, a space for eating, drinking, and meeting spaces. Through its lounge space, private dining, rooftop terrace, library and luxury cinema, Mizzi Studios design was focused on creating a beautiful, multi-functional place where members could unwind and host friends in the centre of Malta’s Capital City. The palace is scheduled as a Grade 1 national monument by the Malta Environment and Planning Authority and was restored between September and December 2017. As such, its beautiful original fabric aligns with our studio’s quest to draw influence from built heritage, infusing the existing with new life through design. 


Valletta, Malta


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