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Mizzi Studio designed the interiors of the new headquarters for Alf Mizzi & Sons (AMS) marketing group in Malta, in collaboration with architects MMP Studio. The design works to signify the values and drivers of the business – sophistication, transparency and innovation – in sculptural, textural and material form.

The entrance reception area was an important area in which to focus on creating a grand impression – it is the first point of contact that the AMS clients have with the business, and therefore an opportunity to create a breathtaking moment. We designed an uplifting, light-filled space dominated by fluid, free-flowing columns and a large skylight. A textured, faceted reception desk weights the dramatic flanking columns down to the chevron flooring.

The staircase was an obvious moment to combine function with art. We worked hard to create a staircase that was functional and clever – but still utterly beautiful. It is constructed out of sixty satin stainless steel handrails joined together – a modular design that appears complicated, but is actually very simple and affordable to create. The end result is a unique structure that articulates upward movement and captures viewers’ curiosity. The stair’s apex extends beyond its functional limit and carries on evolving into a sculpture. It continues to twist into the cosmos, creating a moment of dramatic verticality that leads to natural light.


Marsa, Malta




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