Yobu Kiosk

Basingstoke, UK

Installations / Retail / Complete

When we were asked to design a permanent kiosk for our long-standing client, Yobu, following the success of our 2015 shop in Bournemouth, we knew we wanted to use colour and form in a big way. Despite the diminutive scale of the project, we knew we could choose bold, upbeat colour and lush textures to create a stop-in-your-tracks kiosk. Our mission was to create a joyful pit-stop for shoppers on the go.

Sited within a key square at Festival Place’s Shopping Mall in Basingstoke, the brief was to successfully evolve and integrate Yobu’s playful and dynamic high street brand identity into a functional outward serving kiosk, whilst also serving as a welcoming attraction within the mall. We started with a standardised rectangular site and retained an efficient, internal, four-sided back of house. We then transformed the exterior shell into a fun, free-flowing sculptural form that reflects Yobu’s smooth yoghurt and bold, fun and brightly coloured toppings and bubble tea product. 

The undulating shell’s form follows the topography of the functional interior layout, hiding all the equipment whilst swooping down to reveal the toppings island with delicious treats on the front elevation. At the rear, the shell morphs in to an integrated seating area creating a unique Yobu dining experience that establishes a personal dialogue between the kiosk and the visitor. The shape of the kiosk was formed by individually CNC cut plywood ribs that were clad out of bent plywood forming an open mould for a fibreglass hand-layup manufacturing process. Constructed off-site the lightweight fibreglass shell was broken down in to seven segments for ease of handling, and then finally assembled on site.

Location: Basingstoke, UK

Status: Completed in 2017

Key services: Design, visualisation, planning, construction drawings, construction management, branding

Client: Yobu