The Serpentine Coffee House

Hyde Park, London, UK

Architecture, Interiors / Retail, Hospitality / On site

As part of a prestigious commission to transform ten sites across London’s Royal Parks, Mizzi Studio is creating a new landmark café in Hyde Park. The Serpentine Coffee House, opening on the Serpentine Bridge in spring 2019, will have views towards the Serpentine Lake. The building’s form is defined by a dramatic, undulating brass canopy, which takes the curve of the Serpentine Lake as a point of departure in its design. The form is evocative of the sweeping motion of a stingray’s flight, while the tactile quality of the underbelly of the canopy echoes the reptilian texture of a snake. Reaching its climactic point while hovering above the entrance, the canopy is suggestive of a stingray’s smile as it welcomes park visitors into the pavilion below.

We have also drawn inspiration from Japanese architecture. For the roof, we have translated the characteristics of a pagoda into a more fluid form, while the windows traditionally seen in Japanese tea houses have influenced the series of horizontal mullions that divide the glazing in the pavilion. The mullions create a semi-transparent open space where the boundary between indoors and outdoors is blurred, enabling the building to coexist harmoniously with its environment.

Location: Hyde Park, London, UK

Status: On site, due to complete in summer 2019

Size: Canopy 11 x 9 m; footprint 7.6 x 5.4 m

Key materials: Strucure: metal, glass; canopy: glass fibre, metallic brass finish; interiors: terrazzo, teak, ceramic tiles

Key services: Design, visualisation, tender bid, planning, construction drawings, construction management

Client: Colicci

Collaborators: Arup