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Lightcast, St Katherine's Dock, London, UK

Lightcast, St Katherine's Dock

London, UK

In 2014 Mizzi Studio was approached by the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) to develop a guerilla lighting installation for their global Chase The Dark event which was sponsored by ACDC. 



The event began in Sydney, Australia and followed the setting sun across the globe, illuminating city spaces in Melbourne, Dubai, Athens, Milan, Barcelona, Stockholm, Manchester, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Montreal, Toronto, Washington, Chicago, Dallas, St Louis, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, and of course London.
Chase the Dark’s concept was simple – much like the fireworks on New Year’s eve exploding in time sequence across the world,  teams of IALD lighting designers took to the streets in their cities to create temporary mini-lit scenes that were documented in photographs and posted to social media.

Mizzi Studio was asked to represent the London entry. We were provided with 1000 LED ice cubes to play with. Our brief: to come up with a symbolic lighting art piece for the city.It was a fresh and exciting challenge to work with such a limited budget and to see what we could create. We focused on the root properties of an LED ice cube; their waterproof design and capacity to float on water. Our response was the birth of Light Cast – a floating art piece made up of 1,000 LED ice cubes threaded to a net which we could cast out to sea with any message programmed in. The light cubes showed how even small sources of light, when thoughtfully composed, can be used to transform the urban environment to witty, innovative and stunning effect. Ultimately, Light Cast was a celebration and demonstration of the power and importance of efficient, well thought out lighting design. Whilst the global aspect of the project was perhaps the most obviously appealing theme to this project, Mizzi Studio was also excited to be players in a project that worked to bring together people from professional architectural communities and allow conversations to start with building owners and end users.    

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