Ship’s Hull

Mayfair, London, UK

Installations, Interiors / Workplace / Complete

Our reticence to shy away from the unconventional is most evident in our Ship Hull’s project. Mizzi Studio was approached by a ship management company to create an entrance for their headquarters in London – so we developed a floor-to-ceiling sculpture of a hull seemingly in a state of flux.

Giant sections of pre-fabricated GRP were delivered to site and assembled into a morphing ship penetrating the entrance space. Our eagerness to flirt with the literal allowed us to uncover new notes in tactility, volume and colour; resulting in something dramatically novel.

The ship management company wanted an impressive entrance – something that completely embodied what they do. We worked with their architects, Orms, to design a statement lobby which would capture the imagination of their clients and collaborators. Our departure point was the hull of a tanker – we designed and produced a floor-to-ceiling fibre glass sculptural feature which echoed a similar mass, but transported its volume into the realm of the surreal. The success of this project was our ability to recognise the need for considered tactile contrast. We wanted the hull to be evocative of naval design but with an added layer of refinery. We also wanted its morphing form to inspire a feeling on fantasy. For these reasons we worked with the project architects to select pared back, contemporary materials for the hull’s surroundings. The result is a lobby that has a clear focal point, working cohesively to deliver an impressive design statement.

Location: Mayfair, London, UK

Status: Completed in 2015

Key services: Design, visualisation, construction management

Client: International ship management company

Collaborators: Orms