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Phalice, Fertility Sculpture


3D-Printed Fertility Sculpture

Jonathan Mizzi was approached by the Elephant Family – a charity founded by Mark Shand following his journeys across India with a street elephant named Tara – to create a unique phallic sculpture for Mark’s personal collection of fertility symbols. An exhibition was held in February 2018 to celebrate the legacy of Shand’s journey, his foundation of the charity, as well as the various personal treasures he picked up during his travels. Mizzi was honoured and delighted to contribute his own sculpture, Phalice, to this fascinating and prestigious collection.

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Phalice takes inspiration from both the masculine and feminine aspects of fertility. The sculpture is a seamless fusion of verticality and buxom sensuality, designed to combine the firmness of male, with the elegance of female physical attributes. Formally, it takes inspiration from the architectural diagrid structure – using two main diagonal grid braces to intersect and provide structural integrity. Its main tubular form is made from two reflecting volumes, suffused together and slightly offset – mimicking the physicality of a lovers’ embrace.

The diagrid itself has been purposefully extruded to make apparent its structural role; not unlike the role of veins and capillaries in a corporeal phallus. The sculpture’s curvilinear terrain undulates to echo parts of the human body associated with sensuality – the female derriere, the small of the back, hips, waist, vulva and – of course – the male phallus head. This forms the apex of the sculpture and in itself communicates another set of anatomical moments – ears, eyes, chin, cheeks. Phalice brings to life the figurative within the abstract, offering multitudinous viewpoints and perceptions, and simultaneously striking notes of power and sensuousness.  

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