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HoliSaloni Launch – Mizzi Studio merges traditional Indian craft with contemporary forms

Basket Weave Hut_Internal (Large).jpg

Mizzi Studio have designed a Secret Garden for fashion design label Saloni in India on the grounds of the Raas Devigarh Palace hotel, in celebration of the Holi Festival and the launch of fashion designer’s latest capsule collection. Using local materials the studio has married traditional Indian craft with their signature sculptural forms. 

Director Jonathan Mizzi was approached by London-based contemporary womenswear designer, Lodha Saloni, to create a unique space that would celebrate vernacular Indian design through a contemporary re-invention. Mizzi Studio’s response was a Secret Garden made up of a series of mud-huts, stalls, and platforms that joined together to form a experiential, undulating built terrain. The structures were constructed using different traditional techniques, built by local craftspeople working in tandem on site with Mizzi Studio’s remote team. The components of the Garden were crafted out of a weaved structure made from local plant stalks called aahkdo and khemp. The majority of the structures were then plastered in mud and transformed into colourful masses adorned with painted artwork by local artisans. The site for the Garden is located on a descent from Rajasthan’s Devigargh Palace – voted one of the worlds best spas by Conde Nast Traveller. Mizzi Studio used the space to create a playful retreat where guests could partake in the traditional Holi Festival activities – a Hindu spring feast known as the “festival of colours” which marks the arrival of spring. 

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