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Mozza, Brand identity


Brand identity

The concept for Mozza was based on minimal, fresh, and aesthetically pleasing small plates using highest quality Mozzarella. We wanted to create a high-end yet contemporary language that was minimal and confident.

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The logo typeface is bold and confident with just enough rounding of its corners to be welcoming, portraying the soft, pure nature of the core product. An accent that resembles the movement of water/brine as well as mozzarella’s elastic qualities was added beneath the O to associate it with the universally recognised ball shape. A simple, recognisable set of symbols were created to develop a narrative, illustrating the hand made production process of pulling, stretching and tying . We coupled these with the O/ball shape to create a family which  were used as breakers in the menu.

The logo’s journey took it through more sharp and bold iterations as well as other mozzarella-associated icons, such as the trademark cut line across the ball. We wanted to create a logo that could be read in 2 syllables and absorbed in one blink. Something as simple and recognisable as its product – creating an unbeatable combination. 

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