Mizzi Studio

Family Fleet, The Royal Parks, London, UK

Family Fleet, The Royal Parks

London, UK

Mizzi Studio has developed designs for free-standing units which will be positioned across the Royal Parks’ busiest sites. The studio’s overarching concept when submitting their bid together with clients, Colicci, was to create simple, striking and functional park  structures.

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This daily fleet of kiosks was designed to embody the Royal Parks’ brand values, and to live sympathetically within its environment. The scheme – which has been developed under temporary permitted development – will uniformly represent the Colicci brand and its products through a selection of elegant, sustainable, and warm materials, brought together using digital manufacturing techniques. 

The units themselves are curvaceous volumes made from high-quality materials including sustainable Oak From Garnons Wood in Herefordshire (cladding), oxidised copper (plinths), stainless steel (kitchen surfaces), blackboard (interior signage), new copper (plinths and signage), and brass (plinths, signage, and full cladding in selected sites). Every element existing within these kiosks has been designed to be placed at the correct angle, height and position in order to yield a greater speed of service. Each kiosk has been split in to three sections with clear directional signage guiding queues to form in their relevant section – meaning icecreams have a different line to hot dogs. Yes, we design for what’s important. The kiosks have been meticulously designed to utilise every inch of space provided – a crucial measure for successful and long-lasting micro-buildings.

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