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Samba Swirl, Brand Identity

Samba Swirl, Camden

Brand Identity

Frozen yogurt chain Samba Swirl wanted to completely refresh its visual identity. We were engaged to create a new store for them that would surprise and engage their loyal customers, but we were also challenged with re-energising their brand identity. We turned to the lights, colours, and spirit of Rio de Janeiro for inspiration!

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In order to develop a captivating theme, we distilled our range of influence into a selection of eye-catching icons. These reflected the kinetic energy of the store concept, as well as associated symbols such as the pineapple, developing a visual lexicon that would translate throughout the identity. It was also important to communicate the nature of the product itself. Our facets and angles helped us communicate the idea of cold, refreshing, iced products. We also decided to work on a number of bespoke drawn liquid “Swirl” scripts.

We wanted Samba Swirl’s new logo to transmit the brand’s contemporary cool persona. We also utilised our involvement in the interior design to create cohesion between the two elements, allowing them to piggyback off of each other. We went through a number of iterations in an effort to distil the logo into something that was as edgy as it was lasting. 

Our brief included developing a unique way-finding system for Samba Swirl’s store. We decided that geometric pulsing LED lights were the best way to convey the energy of carnival and the geometric nature of the Favelas.The geometric shapes we shared with the branding in order to achieve an easily memorable, cohesive experience. Strips of coloured light emanated from every plane of the store and directed visitors in and around – leading them on a colourful, animated, frozen yoghurt voyage.

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