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Ondine Cookware for Marie Guerlain

Ondine Cookware

Marie Guerlain

Mizzi Studio was commissioned by designer Ian Hume to create a luxury cookware set for Marie Guerlain, the French Guerlain perfume and cosmetics dynasty. Working with initial sketch ideas and overall dimensions, we created a flawless 3D development and visualisation of the cookware set. 

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Over a five-year development process, we based our approach on creating free-flowing sculptural forms and achieving ergonomic, functional and aesthetically pleasing results. From individually developing the parts and assigning materials, to adjusting the overall design to the set’s different sizes, our team explored and implemented the possibilities of detailed 3D development. The handles throughout the collection are made of solid brass, whilst the finest grade titanium 316Ti was specified for the body of the cookware. Aside from its gorgeous finish, this material was selected for its non-corrosive nature and ability to prevent leaching harmful chemicals into food  during preparation. 

The development of the Ondine Cookware was a blend of an artistic concept with ergonomic, luxury design. All the pieces of the set are hand assembled and hand crafted in Italy. The series is designed to enhance the cooking experience while improving performance. The set is hand polished to a high gloss finish, allowing users to use less oil while cooking, and making its surfaces easier to clean. Ondine champions a philosophy of enjoying food and enhancing the experience of cooking. Ondine is truly a show-stopping cookware range made up of small and medium saucepans, a sauté pan, stock pot, skillet, casserole dish, and an oval roasting pan. Mizzi Studio is honoured to have been involved in the making of this opulent set, designed with true contemporary finesse.

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