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Awkward Table, Furniture Series

Awkward Table

Furniture series

The Awkward series is the first line of furniture designed specifically by Jonathan Mizzi – director of Mizzi Studio. The series showcases his signature affinity for tactile and gestural richness, infused with an unrelenting desire to redefine traditional design parameters. 

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Mizzi wanted to create a design that exuded uniqueness, exclusiveness and originality. The inspiration for the series came from an unlikely source – yoga. Captivated by the perfect state of balance, strength and poise of Bikram yoga’s ‘awkward’ poise, Mizzi resolved to try and capture this in sculptural form. Added into the formal mix is Mizzi’s affinity with sci-fi and animation – as well as Art Deco and neo-futurist architectural design. With its graceful curves and fluid form, the table appears to be suspended in motion. 

With the Awkward series, Mizzi wanted to create a functional piece of architecture that embodied the very best of the kind of design that inspires him. He wanted to create a gesture frozen in time that blended design, art and articulated movement. The perfectly balanced legs were designed to loop around the user, so that sitting at the head of the table becomes an encompassing experience – the user becomes one with the table. The Awkward Series proposes a dramatic metamorphosis of traditional table posture, making each of its tables an elegant centre piece for eclectic spaces. It’s more than a table – it’s a visual statement that can truly transform any interior space. It comes in three sizes – a small coffee table size, a two-to-four seater table, and a larger, six-to-eight-seater dining table. 

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