AMS Headquarters

Marsa, Malta

Interiors, Installations / Workplace / On site

The interiors for headquarters for Alf Mizzi & Sons (AMS) needed to reflect the style of business that is based on sophistication, transparency and innovation. Our scheme, devised in collaboration with MMP Studio, materialises these business drivers into tangible format with a design that works to signify these virtues in sculptural, textural and material form.

The entrance reception area was an important area in which to focus on creating a grand impression – it’s the first point of contact that the AMS clients have with the business, and therefore a huge opportunity to create a breath-taking moment. We designed an uplifting, light-filled space dominated by fluid, free-flowing columns and a large sky-light. A textured, faceted reception desk weights the dramatic flanking columns down to the chevron flooring – which serve both to provide contrasting warmth, as well as a directional way finding feature.

The staircase was an obvious moment to combine function with art. The structure needed to be large enough to connect two storeys, so we knew that it had the potential to take on the gravitas of a sculptural piece. We worked hard to create a staircase that was functional and clever – but still utterly beautiful. It’s constructed out of sixty satin stainless steel handrails joined together – a modular design that appears complicated, but is actually very simple and affordable to create. The end result is a unique structure that articulates upward movement and captures viewers’ curiosity. The stair’s apex extends beyond its functional limit and carries on evolving into a sculpture. It continues to twist into the cosmos, creating a moment of dramatic verticality that leads back to natural light.

Location: Marsa, Malta

Status: On site, due to complete in spring 2019

Key services: Design, visualisation, construction management

Client: Alf Mizzi & Sons

Collaborators: MMP Studio