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__Industry Sectors


Industry Sectors

We believe our design solutions are what set us apart from other small studios. We face industry challenges head on, and think laterally of how we can contribute to the development of our profession – no matter which industry sector we are operating in.. Our goal is to continue to keep thoughtfulness and rigour at the heart of our practise, and to make a lasting impact on our industry through our work.

Currently, we work in a number of design and architecture sectors including, but not limited to:

  • Public Realm
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Education
  • Events / Food & Beverage
  • Set Design
  • Art

Looking ahead

One of Mizzi’s strategic objectives is to break into the education architecture sector. Designing a primary school is perhaps the most important endeavor for an architect or interior designer to take on. Good quality primary school design contributes significantly towards nurturing future generations. There is a growing evidence of children developing nature deficit disorder, especially within high urban development areas like cities, resulting in in a wide range of behavioural disorders. Our studio would very much like to tackle this problem, and our work on Chiswick House School is a physical showcase of that ambition.

But we want to go further – we’re most intrigued by the opportunities for elevating inner city primary school design, tackling the challenges of limited space and restricted access to nature. We would like to pursue the integration of micro and vertical landscape architecture with education technology – each having potential to play a big role in the future of schools within cities. We would love to be at the forefront of contributing to the progress of this pocket of society and are open and eager to collaborate with clients who share our vision for this important industry sector.